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Cockerell, Clay J, MD Dermatology Center of Plano – Addison, TX 75001

Surgery Procedure : rhinoplasty

Cost / Price ($) : $4200 ENQUIRE NOW

Name : Cockerell, Clay J, MD Dermatology Center of Plano

Adress : 4847 Keller Springs Rd, Addison, TX 75001

City : Addison

Sate : TX (Texas)

Zip Code : 75001

Country : United States

Map :

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One thought on “Cockerell, Clay J, MD Dermatology Center of Plano – Addison, TX 75001

  • Markus Zahamir

    11, September,2018 1 week ago

    Rates and price variation factors : The price of rhinoplasty can vary between 2500 US dollars in Texas, up to 6000 Dollars in other States like California…. The price range is wide, but the cost of rhinoplasty depends on many factors. The action to be performed is not always the same. In addition, a highly reputed surgeon in Plano TX is costly in comparison to others with lesser reputation. Hospital costs are not equal in a private clinic or in a public hospital. Do not go for low rates that could cost you your nose…

  • Rhinoplasty Cost in Plano TX - Rhinoplasty Texas Directory

    28, August,2018 3 weeks ago

    […] Cockerell Clay j. (Addison, TX) COST […]

  • Maria Goncalves

    28, August,2018 3 weeks ago

    I’m going to be 2 months after surgery and I see my crooked nose. When I slide my finger up and down on the right side of my nose, I feel a ball almost reaching the tip. That will be removed ???. I am disconcerted!!!. My nose is twisted by inflammation or is it going to stay like that ???

  • the.big.nose.dude.of.plano.tx

    18, August,2018 1 month ago

    The average rhinoplasty cost in Plano TX is around 4000 dollars. It is roughly cheaper than in Houston, Dallas or Austin.

  • texasranger

    17, August,2018 1 month ago

    The price of a rhinoplasty is variable. There are rhinoplasties that can be taken care of by your health insurance when there is a post-traumatic anomaly. But for a rhinoplasty that would be purely aesthetic, this is the responsibility of the patient. The range is variable. The price varies according to the notoriety of the surgeon, his experience, the place where he practices, the clinic where the patient will be operated … it costs between 4,000 and 5,000 dollars in Texas.

    • Pinocchio-dallas

      25, August,2018 4 weeks ago

      I met a surgeon in Plano a few weeks ago. He quoted my new nose 3400 dollars, all fees included (rhinoplasty, hospital fees, food, etc…). I am willing to pay for the price…

  • Andrea

    10, August,2018 1 month ago

    Hi Michelle. I had this kind of surgery a while ago. I couldn’t stand my nose anymore. I’m so happy to have done it, and it looks amazing. Make sure your choose a surgeon with a good reputation. Yes it can be expensive, but I think you can get your rhinoplasty for around 2500 dollars in Plano TX. Good luck to you !

  • Michelle P.

    10, August,2018 1 month ago


    I really want to get a rhinoplasty in Dallas but sometimes I think about it and It freaks me out

    I have already spoken to my parents and my husband who support me but I did not intend to tell my friends, in fact I want a very natural rendering, I do not want to find myself with a very small nose either

    • Eric Sage

      31, August,2018 3 weeks ago

      Hello Michelle. I had a rhinoplasty a while ago in Dallas. When the doctor removed the cast, I had a weird feeling and I couldn’t recognize myself. But after a while you get used to your new nose, and it is a good decision to take, if that helps you to gain more confidence in yourself. I would definitely recommend you to do it. The price of the rhinoplasty in Dallas was something like 3500 dollars. which is something like 300 dollars per month if you can get a medical loan. It’s not too bad I guess…. I’m not sure if Plano, Houston, Austin would be cheaper.

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